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Friday, 25 May 2018

Brief History Of Africa Culture

A great deal has been said and written on the cultural development of the peoples of Africa. It is commonly said in high places, 'What we need in Africa today are cultural revolutions equal to its political revolutions ' These are great and noble words indeed but what has been done to implement them? I wish to put forward a few suggestions.To me theatre has always meant two things รข€” acting and writing. These two aspects are inseparable; they are interdependent. The death of either means the death of the theatre.The purpose of theatre is to express the ideas and actions of individuals or groups; to translate into life, on the stage, the way of life of people; to let them see themselves sagely or absurdly mirrored. Perhaps a second purpose is the one of providing simple entertainment mirrored.Perhaps a second purpose is the one of providing simple entertainment. And in these days entertainment is a very welcome panacea to the harassed thousands living on the brink of nervous breakdowns.
In Africa today, we live in a period that does not seek to involve only a few intellectuals, but whose urgency must embrace and entangle all groups. It is very disconcerting to hear of the numerous cultural centres purporting to disseminate culture among the people of Africa when in reality these centres are mere nesting homes for a group of hand-picked intellectuals who bluff themselves into an uneasy and unnatural complacency and into a false sense of satisfaction and achievement. The African artist has two types of important audiences. There are the handful of intellectuals and the vast masses of the rustics or men, women and children in the street.
The African child, though almost always neglected, is a most important part of the common man.It is on him that the future of the nation depends. It is important that our theatrical activities should evolve around him, for the children will become our future writers, critics, actors, technicians, producers, designers and audiences. Theatre for the child is not only entertainment;it is a vital educational instrument.
It is here that the child's critical powers are challenged and his creativity aroused from slumber.

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